The Main concern of your orthodontic treatment is proper alignment of teeth thereby people can maintain a good oral hygiene.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment for children:

The ideal age for child to meet an orthodontist is 7 years because this is the age where there first permanent molars and incisors appear in the mouth.

As early you take your child to the dentist, the treatment outcome will be good because at this age we can correct both skeletal as well as dental abnormality as your child is in a growing stage.

Sometimes we can avoid the braces treatment by selective removal of deciduous / milk tooth thereby we can prevent the crowding / irregular placement of the teeth. This process is called serial extraction.

In some kids there won’t be sufficient space for the eruption of permanent teeth because of small jaw size so in such cases we can do jaw expansion procedures.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment for adult:

Even adults can go for the orthodontic treatment because along with a beautiful smile and appearance correction of teeth alignment avoids lots of dental complications.

If there is no proper alignment of teeth it will lead to:

1. Food lodgments lead to gum infection and gradual bone loss makes the teeth mobile.
2. Increased chance of carious formation
3. Difficulty in cleaning and maintenance of teeth
4. Poor chewing ability
5. Wearing of teeth and bone due to abnormal bite
6. Abnormal bite leads to tempromandibular joint disorders
7. Excessive stress on the muscles due to abnormal bite leads to headaches, facial and neck pain.

So for avoiding all these dental complication it’s important to go for a proper alignment of teeth.

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