Veneers and jacket crowns are both dental restoration methods that can improve the look and function
of your teeth. The main difference is that a veneer covers only the front of your tooth and the crown
covers the entire tooth. Although the procedures are different, both have good success rates.
What is veneer?
A veneer covers only the front surface of your tooth. It is also called as lumineer. They are not as
invasive as crowns because the preparation leaves more of your original tooth intact. It is very thin layer
of porcelain about 1 mm that bond to the front tooth. Veneer is generally preferred in condition like
discolored teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, mild rotation, mild gap between two front teeth with
orthodontically acceptable bite.
Excessive interdental spacing
Excessive tooth loss
Root canal treatment
Pitted fluorosis/stains
(In all these condition we need crowns as a best option.)
What is crown?
A crown covers the entire tooth. It works as cap for your tooth. It can be with metal or metal free.
Metal free jacketed crowns are however better as they require less tooth grinding and can be as thin as
veneers. In this procedure more tooth structure is needed to be ground. It is used to rebuild the
strength of broken or decayed teeth, to restore the natural shape or size. It is best option in gross tooth
structure loss, root canal treatment, excessively worn tooth.
So, whether a veneer or a crown is right for you will depend on the condition of your teeth which will be
further reassure by your cosmetic dentist on the basis of clinical evaluation.

Veeners Crown

Veeners (Intraoral view) Crown (Intraoral view)