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Foods that stain your teeth!

Food that Stain teeth

Tooth enamel is extremely vulnerable and can get stained by the constant consumption of certain food items. The tooth enamel absorbs the color of foods and beverages and this leaves a yellow or brown tint on your teeth. Therefore, experts from Chisel Dental Clinic suggest that we must take extra care of our teeth in order to keep them white and bright. Read on to know a few consumable items that can stain your teeth in the long run:

  • Coffee: Most of us are coffee addicts, but the truth is that excessive coffee is bad for your teeth. Coffee is dark in color and frequent consumption can leave brownish stains on your teeth.
  • Tea: We love tea as much as we love coffee, but sadly it also has the ability to stain the teeth in the long run. The best way is to switch to green tea or herbal teas.
  • Red Wine: It surely is one of the most loved beverages in the world, but due to its deep color it also holds the potential of harming the tooth enamel by staining it.
  • Colored Soda: This is one item that instantly leads to discoloration of teeth. The citric acids present in colored soda are harmful enough to corrode the tooth enamel and causes a stain.
  • Fruit Juices: Juices, particularly dark colored juices such as grape and cranberry, can leave a colorful shade on the teeth and tongue. You can eat whole fruits instead of drinking juices. In case you like juices, then the best thing is to wash your mouth thoroughly with water soon after drinking juice.
  • Candies and Chocolates: These sweeties are not so sweet towards the health of our teeth and gums. Apart from staining the teeth, they also lead to cavities and other dental issues.

Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth


A lot of us shy away from wide smiles just because we are not genetically blessed with the white pearly set of teeth. Well, experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that just with a little bit of care and effort you can improve the color of your teeth. Read on to know a few home remedies that can help you to brighten and whiten your teeth:

  • Baking Soda

Baking Soda is one of the best ingredients that you can use to dispose of yellow teeth. It will uproot plaque and make your teeth sparkle. Blend a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with a little toothpaste. Brush your teeth with this abrasive blend and wash with warm water. Use it once a week. You can also mix baking soda with lemon juice, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. It is important to note that surplus use of baking soda can strip your teeth of its natural shine.

  • Orange Peel

Cleaning your teeth with fresh orange peel would help in decreasing the yellow tinge gathered on your teeth. Rub orange peel over your teeth in a circular motion and wash it with cold water. The vitamin C and calcium in the orange peel will battle the microorganisms in your mouth and this would help in keeping your teeth and gums in a healthy state. Continue to do this for a couple of weeks and you will see successful results.

  • Lemon

It is a fact that lemon is a natural bleaching agent and it can play an important role in keeping your teeth white and bright. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice and salt and apply it to your teeth and gums. Wash your mouth thoroughly with water. Within a few days, you would see positive results.

  • Strawberry

Mash a strawberry and rub it on your teeth, this would not only help in teeth whitening but it would also freshen up your breath.

Know your teeth better


Teeth are important and we all would agree to this fact. Even the slightest of discomfort in any of the tooth can literally take away the peace of your mind. Therefore it is important to take good care of your teeth regularly. Apart from this it is also important to know your teeth better and for this purpose experts from Chisel Dental Clinic are here to tell you some interesting facts about your teeth. Keep reading to know more:

  • Saliva is your teeth’s best friend!

No matter how weird or gross it sounds but this is a fact that saliva is your teeth’s primary protection from sugar and sticky substances. Continuous secretion of saliva ensures that it wipes away the tiny food particles from your teeth. Though this should not be your excuse to skip brushing and flossing.

  • Constant snacking and munching is harming your teeth

Most of us have the habit of munching throughout the day. While sitting at home or at workplace we crave for various things such as chips, pies, snacks, etc. Well, the fact is that we are better off without this habit because it harms the health of our teeth in the long run!

  • Smoking harms the beauty of your teeth

If you have a beautiful smile and you want to maintain it then you must stay clear of smoking. Constant habit of smoking definitely plays a huge role in staining your teeth and gums. You might not realize it but as time would pass you would be able to see the irreversible harm that smoking might do your teeth and gums!

  • Stay away from teeth whitening kits

The market is flooded with several sorts of teeth whitening kits and people are falling for them! Well, these kits contain several chemicals that can do a lot of damage to your teeth.

Professional Dental Advice about Brushing Your Teeth!


You must be already aware of the fact that brushing your teeth is an essential part of your daily routine. Though it is a very simple activity but still a lot of people do it in a wrong way. Dental Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that to keep your teeth healthy and strong you need to be thorough with the process of cleaning them with the help of flossing and brushing. Read on to know various important aspects related to brushing that can help you to maintain the health and shine of your teeth:

The Right Technique : 

Correct brushing technique is actually easy. Try positioning the brush in your non-dominant hand in order to avoid putting too much pressure on your teeth and gums. You must place the toothbrush on your teeth and move it to and fro in a circular motion. Always remember that the bristles must cover both sides of every tooth or else it would not be able to clean the tricky areas around and between your teeth.

Don’t Ignore Gums and Tongue : 

Various studies and researches have revealed the fact that gums and tongue are two areas where maximum of the bacteria and germs can be found. So while brushing your teeth you must also remember to clean your gums and tongue in a proper way. You can use a tongue cleaner to keep your tongue clean. You can clean your gums with the help of your toothbrush but make sure that the bristles of your toothbrush are super soft!

Change Your Brush Regularly : 

Some people just don’t give a thought to it but changing your toothbrush is an important thing. After every three to four months you must replace your toothbrush with a new one for sure! You must also keep in mind to use good quality dental products.

Chisel Dental Clinic:Dental Fluorosis – Common among Kids

3d dentist with a smiling tooth icon

Fluorosis is a dental condition that is common among kids. Overexposure to fluoride is the major cause behind dental fluorosis. The maximum chances of getting affected by this condition are during the first eight years of life.During this time the permanent teeth get formed and too much exposure to fluoride can leave them stained for life.

As soon as the permanent teeth appear you must check if your child’s teeth bear stains or not. In case you observe some stains on the teeth of your child then you must make your way to the dentist because your child might have been affected by fluorosis.

These tiny stains or marks can be aesthetically displeasing and can be yellowish or brownish in color. In worst cases, this problem becomes a major cause of embarrassment for the child and this hampers his/her self-confidence. Hence it is essential to help your child to get rid of this dental problem.

Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that the foremost reason behind the occurrence of fluorosis is too much use of products that have high fluoride content- for example, toothpaste and mouth washes.

In maximum of the cases, fluorosis affects the teeth in a very minor wayso no specific treatment is required. However if the stains are very much prominent then you must consult your dentist in order to seek some treatment. There are numerous treatments available these days that can cure the teeth that are stained due to fluorosis.

The only way to keep your child away from fluorosis is to restrict the use of dental products that have high fluoride content.Before buying toothpastes, mouth washes and dental creams make sure that you read the ingredients and compositions very carefully. Also make a habit of taking your child to a good dentist for routine check-ups at least twice a year.

Symptoms of Oropharyngeal Cancer

Oropharyngeal Cancer 1

The percentage of people getting affected with Oropharyngeal cancer is on a rise. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that there are numerous factors that can be held responsible for causing this issue and an unhealthy lifestyle is one such factor for sure.

There are several indicators that indicate the presence of Oropharyngeal cancer. A lot of people do not pay much attention to these symptoms or indicators until the problem reaches to an advanced stage. Read on to know these symptoms that may indicate the presence of Oropharyngeal cancer or some other sort of problem related to mouth or throat.

  • The most common indicator is the occurrence and reoccurrence ofstinging swellings in the mouth or on the corner of the lips. These swellings or blisters take a lot of time to heal. In case you observe any sort of painful wound or blister, rush to seek professional help immediately.
  • Another symptom includes appearance of red and white patches in the mouth. Though these patches might appear as if caused by deficiency of some or the other vitamin still you must get them checked by a skillful professional. Along with these patches you may also observe small painless bumps on the inner lining of the mouth.
  • Most of the times the people complain that they have been suffering from a sore throat from a long time and no medicine is being of any use. This may be a serious indication of various infections. In severe cases people notice a significant change in their voice. The voice becomes husky and unclear.
  • There might be severe swelling in the mouth and it may cause difficulty in eating or swallowing food items. Apart from this there can be unexplained bleeding in the gums or mouth.
  • Sometimes the indication might be very trivial like- pain in the ear or jaw and it might appear very normal but if it continues for more than a few days then you must know that it can be a matter of concern.



Chisel Dental Clinic: Be careful of cavities and tooth decay

Dental Cavity
Dental Cavity

This is no hidden fact that the mouth is loaded with a lot of germs and bacteria. Numerous sorts of micro organisms live on the surface of our teeth, gums, tongue and other parts of our mouths. Some of these microscopic creatures are valuable however some can be exceedingly dangerous and can have impact in the tooth decay process. A cavity is only the result of the tooth decay.

You would be surprised to know that the problems of cavities and tooth decays are among the world’s most common health issues. They are especially more common in children and aged individuals.

Unhealthy routine, unhealthy eating habits and poor oral hygiene are a few things that contribute in initiating the problem of tooth decay and various other tooth related problems. Not cleaning your mouth after eating or drinking sticky or sugary substances can result in cavities.

There is no harm in eating such things but you need to be careful enough to brush your teeth soon after eating or drinking sugary items.

You must also know that in case the cavities don’t get treated on time then they can become more troublesome and deeper. Cavities can provoke severetoothache, so it is crucial to get them treated as soon as possible.

To obtain elaborated information concerning any dental problem you may contact:

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Stop Smoking , Your Teeth Will Thank You

Chisel_Smoking_Dental_Problems (2)

Majority of the time, people connect smoking to lung ailments and various other respiratory illnesses. However, a recent report reveals that smoking has diverse other symptoms also and terrible oral hygiene is one of them.

The habit of continuous smoking can possibly bring about serious harm to the general condition of the mouth. A smoker may need to deal with different dental issues, for example, tooth trouble, bleeding gums and in serious cases smoking can likewise push a person in the brutal hold of throat and oral cancer. It is critical to realize that as indicated by the health experts from Chisel Dental Clinic , excessive smoking is the chief cause in about 75% of mouth cancers and tumors. Studies disclose that smokers are three times more at the danger of tooth loss as compared to the non-smokers.

Despite the fact that smoking cigarettes and consuming tobacco have less probability of bringing on cavities however it is risky for the gums and other parts of the mouth. Too much smoking can also lead to staining of tooth. Apart from these serious issues there are several other issues as well that are caused due to over the top smoking.

Yes the reality of the matter is that it is hard for a smoker to quit smoking out of the blue, but this habit can be curbed to a certain extent with strong determination and will power.

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