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September 2019

LANAP | Laser Dentistry in Bangalore | Chisel Dental Clinic


Its helpful in cases of periodontitis when both gums and bone around the tooth
are damaged. Pockets are formed as the gums pull away and debris and
bacteria collected in this area causes infection.


Laser assisted new attachment procedure is an innovative treatment facilitates
restoring of new tissues that adheres gums to the tooth.BENEFITS OF LANAP :

1. Relief from inflammation and infection causing painful teeth and gums
2. Minimal discomfort after the procedure
3. No sutures required
4. Procedure is short compared to the regular flap surgery
5. Faster healing
6. Bacteria is killed and their toxins are neutralized
7. Protection against bone loss or developing sensitive teeth.
8. Safe treatment even in patients with severe diabetes

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Periodontal Flap Surgery | Gum Disease Treatments in Bangalore | Chisel Dental Clinic

In gum diseases like periodontitis, gums get separated from teeth causing spaces
called pockets which in turn trap bacteria and lead to infection. If left untreated,
gum disease may lead to the development of a variety of health problems, such
as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and pre-term or low-birth-weight babies.

Flap surgery is especially helpful for people who have tartar deposits in deep

When do you need it?

1. It is done when both gums and supporting bone around tooth are
2. To eliminate or reduce the pockets
3. To correct the supporting bone margins when irregular.

4. To place bone grafts when bone is deficient.

Benefits of Flap surgery :

1. Reduces bleeding from gums.
2. Reduces bad odour from mouth
3. Arrests the loss of supporting bone and also regenerates it.
4. Prevents tooth loss.


Placement of Implants in complete edentulous arch with all teeth missing should start with the end result in mind. Successful placement of Implants completes the first baby step of bringing a patient without any teeth into full dentition. Then comes the major pertinent question for both the dentist and the patient as to what kind of teeth to be used in the fixed denture that would be a perfect balance between esthetics; comfort and chewing ability along with stress bearing abilities for longevity of prosthesis and underlying bone preservation.

Unlike removable implant overdenture of earlier ; modern dentistry provides various different options nowadays for implant-supported restoration that include:



The most esthetic of full arch implant prosthesis ; this prosthesis looks very similar to most traditional fixed prostheses .

Fixed Implant supported prosthesis can be screw retained or cement retained based on the position of the screws. They involve ceramic (porcelain) teeth over a base that can be made up of zirconia; Co-cr metal; titanium or peek material. In cases of excessive bone resorption; use of pink ceramic helps balance esthetics to a certain extent.

An approximate cost of the fixed prosthesis for both arches together would amount to – 2.5L

Placement of ceramic teeth require more than 4 number of implants  on each arch ;the number further increasing depending on the base material to be used.


It is preferred for reducing cost option as it involves acrylic or composite teeth. However; acrylic teeth teeth are not as strong as ceramic with higher wear rates.

But; the positive aspect being if bone is very minimal/resorbed then in such cases this option makes the prosthesis lighter.

Approximate Cost – It would cost approx. 1.5L for both the arches.



Hence; in Conclusion; the choice of the material could vary depending on bone density and implant stability and is to be evaluated on an individual basis by the clinician.

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