Traditional dentistry concerned about oral health and hygiene whereas cosmetic dentistry give importance to aesthetic part also.In traditional dentistry treatment they try to restore the structure, function and maintenance of the teeth.

In cosmetic dentistry along with structure and function they gave importance to size, shape, contour and colour of the teeth and gum thereby gives you a beautiful smile.
Cosmetic dentists work on your smile and appearance so it will bring you a lifelong happiness.

Treatments come under cosmetic dentistry:

1Inlays, onlays and crowns
2.Inlays are indirect restoration which is placed inside the tooth cavity
3.Onlays are indirect restoration which replaces the fractured cusp or wall of teeth
4.Crowns are the structures which entirely covers the tooth crown portion
5.Composite restoration

Composite restorations are tooth coloured material which adheres to the tooth structure with micro mechanical bonding it helps in build up the fractured tooth structure

Dental veneers
They are the tooth coloured laminates which covers the tooth from the facial surface.

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening will improve the colour of your teeth whereas normal cleaning procedure will remove the deposits and stains which adhered to the tooth structure.

Implant is the best and most advanced option for replacement of a missing tooth without causing any harm to the adjacent teeth.

Gum surgery
There are some patients with enlarged gums which gives them a gummy smile so to improve the smile the doctors will remove the extra gingival which grown over the tooth called gingivectomy.

There are some patients with darker gingiva so for such patients we aill surgically rove the pigment producing cells called melanocytes.

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