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Oral Health and Old Age!

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Oral Health and Aging

It is worth noticing that as we all grow older then simultaneously a lot of dental health issues begin to crop up. It is necessary to give our full attention to these health issues or else they can rush on to an advanced stage where it gets really difficult to find a cure for them. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that it is really important for aged people to maintain a good oral health. We all get just one set of permanent teeth, therefore, it’s essential to take care of them in the best possible manner.

According to a survey, around 75 percent of adults start facing dental issues as soon as they enter into their fifties. They often get exposed to various issues such as severe gum disease, bleeding gums, loss of teeth, etc.  Experts also reveal a fact that the risk of developing a heart disease can also increase due to the persistent poor oral health. Most common dental issues during old age are:

Gum Disease: Most people suffer from gingivitis. During this condition the gum tissues surrounding the teeth become highly infected due to the buildup of plaque on the teeth and gums. It can be identified with several symptoms such as swollen, red or bleeding gums.

Sensitive Teeth: In old age, the entire body starts to feel weak and this same effect can be seen on the teeth as well. As the age increases the teeth and gums start losing their strength and become sensitive.

Dry Mouth: A lot of old people complain of having a dry mouth. This condition can be caused due to various medical conditions. So it is advisable to visit your dentist as soon as you feel that you are suffering from the condition of dry mouth.

The best way to avoid dental issues is to maintain a good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist can also prove to be immensely helpful.

Strawberries for a million dollar smile!

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Homemade Teeth Whitener

Everyone adores eating. We do three suppers a day: breakfast, lunch and supper, however, our dietary patterns never end here. We want to enjoy snacks amid reprieve times. These everyday exercises make our teeth caught up with doing the grinding procedure of each sustenance we eat. Since eating is one of our propensities, we ought to always remember that not all sustenance are useful for our teeth. We should analyze which sustenance will make our teeth strong.

Dental practitioners at Chisel Dental Clinic do their part in helping you to have solid teeth and gums however you need to do your part at home too. The sustenance we eat assume a part in whether our teeth are sound or not. You are most likely very much aware that food that is loaded with sugar are terrible for your teeth yet would you say you are aware that there is food that is good for your teeth? Impress your dental practitioner at Chisel Dental Clinic for your next visit with your insight of sound wholesome decisions for your teeth.

Strawberries are delectable as well as exceptionally adaptable, and there are numerous ways in which you can add strawberries to your daily diet. It is hard to trust that something as flavorful as strawberries can likewise be loaded with supplements, yet actually, there are incalculable dietary advantages of eating strawberries.

You can get this delectable organic product throughout the entire year however they are particularly delicious and plump mid-July to September and with more than 600 assortments each with a different flavor, texture and size, there is certain to be a strawberry out there that tickles your taste buds.

Strawberries are rich in natural acid which empowers to expel stain from teeth naturally. Now, the question is raised how strawberries brighten teeth. The process is extremely straightforward. Cut the strawberry into two sections and rub it on your teeth and gums. Abandon it for once in a while and wash with warm water. This system uproots tartar and mends the gums. Washing your teeth with strawberries along with half tsp of baking soda, empower you to expel stains from your teeth. Strawberries contain fluoride which is viable in fortifying bones and teeth in this way avert dental caries. In a recent study, it has been demonstrated that the vicinity of folate in strawberries makes teeth bright and sound. Along these lines, strawberry goes about as a natural tooth whitener.

Tips for healthy teeth


There is no doubt in the fact that teeth are important and even a minor tooth problem can cause a lot of trouble. Therefore keeping the teeth in a healthy state is something that we all must take quite seriously. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic have listed down a few effective tips that can help you to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Read on:

  • Good Oral Hygiene: If you want to keep your teeth strong and problem free then you must maintain a good oral hygiene. Develop a habit of brushing your teeth on regular basis. A lot of people feel lazy and skip brushing and flossing, this eventually leads to tooth decay and a lot of other tooth issues. You must also use good quality toothpaste and mouthwash because they play a vital role in keeping up your oral health. In case you have braces then you must be extra careful in maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Avoid Sugary Food: Sugary and sticky foods cause a huge damage to the health of your teeth. Tiny particles get stuck in the teeth and this is the chief reason that leads to tooth decay. When microbes in the mouth break down simple sugars then a sort of acid gets produced and it erodes the tooth enamel. Avoid junk foods, candies, jellies, cold drinks, chocolates, etc.
  • Quit Smoking: Excessive smoking can lead to staining of teeth and bad breath. It can also lead to complications in gums. So if you are addicted to smoking then it is time to quit this habit gradually. The sooner you leave this habit, the better it would be for you.
  • Regular Dental Checkups: Many people tend to get lazy and avoid going for regular dental checkups, this is wrong. Keep visiting your dentist from time to time, this would help you to keep a check on your oral health.

How safe is hydrogen peroxide for your teeth?

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