Correcting deepbite misalignment will improve the functionality of your teeth, also make brushing and flossing easier. Identifying the cases of excessive vertical overlap, ensuring careful orthodontic diagnosis and treatment at an early stage reduces the prevalence of traumatic tooth relationship later in life.

Why does a deep bite need to be fixed?
Based on patient’s specific needs restorative treatment options for deep bite involves raising the bite to establish a correct bite by placing crowns on the posterior teeth and replacing any missing teeth so that the chewing forces are distributed evenly.

Patients who clench or grind their teeth (bruxism) experience excessive wear that can result in the loss of tooth structure. NIGHTGUARD is an appliance worn while sleeping through the night. Its main function is to prevent the surfaces of your teeth from grinding together preventing jaw and muscle pain from occurring. Patient should be made aware of the need for regular dental checkup

Prevention of any problem is always better than cure. Multi-discipline approach with orthodontics and restorative dentistry usually involves
• Labial fixed braces
• Lingual braces
• Aligners- INVISALIGN
• Clear braces

Fixed or Removable appliance(prosthesis) should be reviewed routinely and maintained. Other treatment options include jaw surgery to correct the skeletal deep bite combined with braces.

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