What is halitosis?
An unpleasant odour from the mouth commonly referred to as bad breath.

Types of halitosis and causes



Are there treatments for halitosis?

Since 90% cases of halitosis originate from inside the mouth, your first step should be a re-evaluation of your basic brushing and rinsing technique.

While cleaning the teeth you should clean your tongue also because this is the area where most of the bacteria accommodate. Scrape the tongue, then floss and rinse.

Remember that brushing alone cleans only 25% of your mouth so you have to scrape the tongue, then floss and rinse.

Avoid having too much onion and garlic; make a habit of rinse your mouth with water after having any foods.

If you don’t notice an improvement, you should visit to your dentist. They’ll most likely be able to diagnose and treat the cause of your breath issues.

If the bad breath is due to deposits and gum infections you can go for professional teeth cleaning or scaling.

If the bad breath is due to food lodgment on the tooth cavity/ from an infected tooth then you can go for fillings, root canal treatment or removal of the teeth.

If the halitosis formed due to any underlying systemic disease then the dentist will diagnose and refer you to a physician.

Sometimes an unhygienic denture may also cause halitosis.

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