Root canal treatment does when you have tooth pain or when nerves of your tooth get exposed.
When you have to do root canal treatment:

• An infected tooth with a deep cavity


• Fractured tooth with exposed pulp


• Deep cervical abrasion with severe sensitivity or pain


• Severely attrited teeth or with deep wear facet


• The cracked tooth with pain

If the cracks on the tooth remain in the crown then the tooth can be saved with root canal treat and crown whereas if the crack extends to the root surface of the teeth then the tooth can’t be saved.


• Deep periodontal pocket with pain


• Intentional root canal treatment

The patients with crowded, proclaimed, spacing or Midline Diastema and missing teeth will have a new treatment option called smile design. The patients who are not willing for orthodontic treatment and who need an immediate result prefers to go for this treatment.
In this treatment, the dentist will do selective grinding of teeth to make the teeth in a line under local anaesthesia and they will place crowns above the teeth. While doing selective grinding sometimes the pulp gets exposed thus in such cases we have to do intentional root canal treatment.

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