The main aim of teeth cleaning or scaling is remove plaque, tarter and stains that have accumulated on the teeth. Even if you do proper brushing and flossing plaque and calculus will appear on the teeth.
What is plaque and calculus?
Plaque is a soft colourless deposit on the tooth surface which is colourless and gradual deposition of minerals from the saliva on this soft deposit will form a thick yellow to brown coloured band around the teeth called calculus or tartar.

This yellow coloured band will not be able to remove with proper brushing and if you didn’t go for a professional teeth cleaning for calculus removal this may result in gradual bone loss and result in loose teeth. So dentist will advise every person to go for teeth cleaning once in 6 months or once in a year.

What exactly does in professional teeth cleaning?

Dentists remove the deposits with specialized equipments without causing harm to the teeth.

All the equipments used for cleaning purpose are washed, disinfected and sterilized to avoid the cross infection.

A dental mirror is used to help the dentist inspect the areas which are hard to see in the mouth and observe the teeth and gums for signs of inflammation, swelling, decay, tarter, or bleeding.

Ultrasonic scales, device with mild vibrations to loosen larger pieces of tarter. It also continuously sprays the mists of cool water to wash away loose debris.

Ultrasonic instrument is an instrument with smooth curved tip which works in a constant vibratory motion which removes thick bands of calculus without causing any harm to the tooth structure. The speed of the vibratory motion and the water splash can be control with the settings in the machine.

Once the gross deposits are removed, the dentist will use finer hand instruments like curettes or hand scales, these tools are designed to eliminate smaller deposits on the teeth and smooth the tooth surfaces.

Each tooth should be cleaned from all the aspects and make sure the tartar has been removed completely.

Once the surfaces of the teeth are completely free off tartar, the dentist will smoother the tooth surface with the help of rubber cup and prophylaxis paste.

Prophylaxis paste abrasive paste which uses in the rubber cup to make the tooth surface more smooth and glowing.

In patients with high caries index dentist does fluoride application for 30 seconds to protect tooth from further caries formation.
The mild vibratory motion of the tip and water splash from the ultrasonic scalers does not cause any pain or discomfort.

Tooth cleaning is a painless procedure if you get the pain or severe sensitivity informs the doctor so that he will take alternate measures to make your teeth cleaning painless and more enjoyable.

Professional teeth cleaning happen in dental chair reclined at 45 degree angulations and the procedure takes around half an hour to 45 minutes.

After professional teeth cleaning your teeth will be little more sensitive for 2-3 days its quiet normal and its will disappear gradually with the use of mouth wash or tooth paste for sensitivity.

Teeth cleaning procedures are not designed for aesthetic purpose; its main concern is to provide you with a good oral hygiene.

Your teeth become loose if you are not keeping your gums not free off plaque and calculus.

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