There are Various reasons for stained teeth such as,

1) Chewing tobacco and smoking: it cause yellow-brown to black stain.
2) Regular use of stained product such as tea,coffee,red wine etc.
3) Long term use of chlorhexidine mouthwash also leads to staining on teeth.
4) Ageing : its naturally changes teeth colour to a darker shade of yellow
5) Fluorosis: high fluoride content in water also causes irregular patches on the teeth.
6) Trauma
7) Dental developmental disorders such as dentinogenesis imperfect, amelogenesis imperfect..
8)Dental filing material such as amalgam filing
9) Tetracycline

At Chisel Dental Clinic,We provide various treatment to clean stained teeth,They are

1) scaling and polishing:

cleaning of teeth is helpful for external stain removal.

2) Teeth whitening or bleaching of teeth:

Tooth has three layers. Outer layer Is enamel which contains organic particles that gives the tooth colour. Bleaching agent work on that layer and removes the stain.

-Two methods of bleaching is available:

a) In office bleaching: Whitening gel is available. Apply on discoloured teeth surface and light cure for specific time.

b)Home bleaching: in case where regular application is required. In this dentist gives you customised tray and whitening gel. Patient is advised to how and when to use.

Its always advisable to do whitening of teeth under supervision of dentist.After teeth whitening you can feel sensitivity and gum irritation for sometimes.
You have to visit your dentist once or twice a year to maintain your white smile.For mild discolorations you can use,

Teeth whitening tooth paste: apply on teeth surface and leave it there for a while.
Whitening chewing gum.


3)Dental veneers or crown:

If there is a severe stain and you want white smile then your dentist might give you cosmetic treatment option.
Dental veneer is covering of tooth coloured composite or porcelain material designed to cover the front surface of teeth. Veneer increase appearance of your teeth
Dental crown cover the complete tooth structure.


will you want a brighter smile? If so, then visit our clinic to get positive smile