There are  several causes of grey discoloration in the tooth and listed below. These conditions impact tooth development and cause teeth to become discoloured and should be examined by a dentists.


Tetracycline is an antibiotic medication used in the treatment of infections such as urinary tract infections, acne, respiratory tract infections, and other infections.This is responsible for grey teeth discoloration if used in a pregnant woman or children under the age of 8 whose teeth are not fully developed.Discoloration can affect an entire tooth or can form a horizontal band or stripe from light to a very dark band. Nowadays physicians are not prescribing tetracycline to pregnant women and children.


2)Dentinogenesis imperfect:
It is a genetic disorder of tooth development that causes a tooth to be discoloured ( brown-Gray) and translucent. It weakens the teeth so chances of breakage, the damage is more.


Damage to the teeth either from a blow or fall may disturb the blood flow to a tooth cause grey teeth discoloration. In kids whose teeth are still developing,trauma cause disruption to the development of teeth and causes grey teeth to stain.



4)Dental filling:
Amalgam fillings may also cause grey teeth discoloration.

Some people have naturally grey discoloration in teeth.

Treatment for grey teeth:
According to the severity of the stain, your dentist can give you treatment options such as,
-Teeth whitening
-Dental veneer or dental crown.

It’s better late than never, Learn information about the best dental hospital for tooth discoloration from your friends and family. If you were unaware of it then search about it and get information.