Root canal treatment is done to remove the infected pulp and exposed pulp of a tooth and fill pulp space with a medicated material.

Steps of root canal treatment:
Administration of local anesthesia
Access opening / opening the tooth pulp chamber and extirpation or removal of pulp
Working length determination
Cleaning and shaping of the canal space
Obturation / filling of the canal space with a plastic material
Post obturation restoration
Crown cutting and crown placement

Different types of root canal treatments:

Root canal treatments can be classified based on the cleaning and shaping procedure:

1. Hand cleaning and shaping with 2%, 4% and 6% file

2. Cleaning and shaping with endomotor

3. With laser

Root canal treatment can be classified based on obturation technique:

Filling the root canal space with a plastic material is called obturation

1. Lateral compaction technique:
In this technique we will use multiple gutta percha points (plastic filling material). Only the master cone placed till the apex of the root and the accessory cone placed next to it to fill up the vacant spaces with the help of a lutting cement.

2. Vertical compaction technique:
In this technique we will use warm gutta percha point which will be tightly packed till the root apex in the canal by vertical compaction.

Warm vertical compaction


3. Single cone technique:
In this we will use only one cone along with lutting cement which exactly fill the canal space and extended till the apex.

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