Orthodontics in general deals with the straightening of your teeth and jaws. It is a branch of dentistry and the dentist who specializes in this is called an orthodontist.

Confused about whether you require orthodontic treatment? Here is a list of dental conditions which suggest you might require orthodontic treatment-
1. Gum disease- to maintain the health of your gums, proper alignment of teeth is a prerequisite as this will help in maintain oral hygiene and prevent further gum problems
2. Tooth decay- one of the major causes of tooth decay is an inability to remove plaque from teeth. When teeth are not aligned properly, plaque removal becomes difficult which in turn leads to dental decay. Orthodontics helps in aligning teeth in such cases thereby helping you maintain your mouth cavity-free.
3. Wear and tear- if the upper and lower teeth don’t sit properly with each other, it leads to the grinding of teeth. In such cases, orthodontics helps in creating a balanced environment for chewing
4. Social- people are conscious of their smiles if the teeth are not well aligned. Orthodontics helps you in achieving that perfect smile which gives you your confidence back
How does orthodontics work?
When you first visit a dental clinic, your dentist will do a thorough check-up of your teeth and jaws, and if required will refer you to an orthodontist. The orthodontist then does a checkup and determines what kind of treatment you would require. Then, records like impressions, photographs, and x-rays are taken which further determine what kind o treatment plan to go for.

What are the various types of braces treatment?
1. Metal braces- these are the conventional braces. This includes metal brackets, wire, and elastics which help in moving the teeth.

2. Ceramic braces-these are tooth-colored braces. They are more comfortable than conventional braces and more aesthetic too.

3. Aligners-these are made of clear thermoplastic material. They also have the advantage of being removable and more comfortable as they do not involve wires elastics etc.

4. Removable – these are simple plate and wire appliance which is removable and involves a spring to help in the tooth movement.
What is the ideal age for orthodontics?
Orthodontic treatment is for people of all ages. The right age to start orthodontic treatment is when your child’s permanent teeth begin to erupt. This is around 7 yrs of age.
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