A dental implant is a titanium post (resemble tooth root) that is placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone over the span of few months. This artificial root will carry the crown/bridge. As dental implant replaces crowns along with roots of missing teeth it exactly gives the feel of your natural teeth.

The fusion of dental implant with jawbone is called “osseointegration”. The success rate for dental implants is close to 98%. Today dental implant considered as the best tooth replacement option in dentistry because it replaces the missing tooth without affecting the adjacent teeth.

Procedure of dental implant surgery:
Step1: Medical history and health of the patient
Step2: Extraction of damaged tooth under local anesthesia and observe alveolar bone where the implant needs to be placed.
Step3: Placement of bone grafts if there is no adequate bone structure and wait for 2 to six months for the implant placement.If there is adequate bone structure then immediate placement of the implant under local anesthesia.

Step4: At the implant placement appointment, under local anesthesia the implant is placed into the bone with special drills and tools of appropriate diameter .

A “healing cap” is placed over the implant, the gum is stitched up and then the healing phase begins. Observe the implant for 2 to 6 months this is the time where the implant integrate with the bone. During healing phase patient can go for a temporary crown or denture for esthetic purpose but no force should be exerted on the implant at this phase.

Step5: Once the implant was taken up by the surrounding bone, a prosthetic component called “abutment” placed on the implant which helps to hold the crown/ bridge/ denture.

Replacement of single tooth
Replacement of multiple missing teeth
Implant supported denture for better stability, support and retention.
Implant act as temporary anchorage for orthodontic treatment

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