A Root canal is a treatment to repair and save infected or badly damaged tooth
Root canal is the treatment to get rid of tooth pain. Root canal itself is not painful ,pain is because of infection in the tooth.

The procedure involves removal of infected pulp of the tooth ,cleaning and disinfecting area,then filing and sealing with medicated material and to increase the longevity of root canal tooth crown placement over it.


Before starting root canal treatment your dentist gives you local anesthesia so that tooth and surrounding area of that tooth are numbed and at the time of procedure you will not feel any pain. Sometimes if infection is too much then you dentist may prescribe you antibiotic prior to start treatment so that at the time of treatment you will not feel pain.

Once your dentist removed the infected pulp, you will not feel that much pain. After the root canal treatment most of the patient feel discomfort for few days while biting or giving pressure on that tooth, but that is normal. To get rid of that pain dentist may give pain medication for that.

If pain that doesn’t clear up after few days or come back again even years after treatment is not normal and could be sign of new infection so visit your dentist for that.

To keep your teeth healthy :

Brush twice a day
Regular visit to your dentist every 6 months

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