Cavity is known as dental caries or decay of tooth. it is an infectious micro biologic disease which causes dissolution and destruction of calcified tissues of tooth structure. Initially when decay is an outer surface of teeth(enamel) at that time patient may not feel anything but when it reaches to inner portion of teeth (dentin or pulp) then patient may feel sensitivity to hot and cold or pain.

According to study that bacteria is there inside our mouth for 24/7.The bacteria swim around the mouth and like to attach on the surfaces of the teeth and gums. When we eat sugary food such as (chocolate,cake,milkshakes,energy drinks etc…)They like to feed on the same sugary foods .after they feed they released the acid because of that acid ph level decreased inside the mouth.if it’s continue low ph level inside the mouth then tooth surface will be softened and over time there will be hole to develop on the tooth which is known as a cavity.




You can prevent tooth decay by doing regular tooth brushing twice a daily, flossing, eating the right foods, and seeing your dentist regularly for cleaning and follow up every six months.

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