In gum diseases like periodontitis, gums get separated from teeth causing spaces
called pockets which in turn trap bacteria and lead to infection. If left untreated,
gum disease may lead to the development of a variety of health problems, such
as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and pre-term or low-birth-weight babies.

Flap surgery is especially helpful for people who have tartar deposits in deep

When do you need it?

1. It is done when both gums and supporting bone around tooth are
2. To eliminate or reduce the pockets
3. To correct the supporting bone margins when irregular.

4. To place bone grafts when bone is deficient.

Benefits of Flap surgery :

1. Reduces bleeding from gums.
2. Reduces bad odour from mouth
3. Arrests the loss of supporting bone and also regenerates it.
4. Prevents tooth loss.