Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with crooked or misaligned teeth. Straightening of teeth or correction of misaligned teeth requires orthodontic treatment. We have listed out the common problems which require orthodontic correction.

1. Crowding – teeth which are crookedly placed and not aligned properly require orthodontic correction. These teeth, on account of their misalignment, can cause gum problems, decay, etc. orthodontic treatment can help in alignment thereby helping in the maintenance of proper oral hygiene and in general better health.

2. Spacing- this is the opposite of crowding. Teeth which have gaps between them give an unaesthetic appearance and require orthodontic treatment to close the spaces between them.

3. Proclination- this kind of dental problem involves jaws in which the upper front teeth are very forwardly placed in comparison to the lower front teeth. Along with giving an anesthetic appearance, these teeth are also prone to injury. Orthodontic treatment is required to correct this underbite.

4. Deep bite – when the upper front teeth completely overlap the lower front teeth this condition is called a deep bite. In an ideal bite, the upper teeth overlap the lower front teeth by 2-3mm. when the overlap is more it leads to a deep bite where the trauma from the lower front teeth on the upper gums can lead to further problems.

5. Cross bite- in a normal bite the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. In conditions where this is reversed, it is known as a crossbite. It can be in the front teeth or the back teeth and requires orthodontic treatment for correction.

6. Other problems include-

  • TMJ issues- such as jaw pain, jaw locking, limited movement, and jaw clicking
  • loose teeth
  • receding gums
  • increased sensitivity
  • excessive wear of tooth enamel
  • asymmetrical growth of the face and jaw