Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral compound. which is found naturally in the soil, water and foods. its synthetically added into drinking water, tooth paste, mouthwash etc. it helps in the prevention of dental caries.

How it works?
Outer surface of the teeth(enamel) is resistant to acid attack .when tooth is erupting, fluoride is taken up by the tooth. fluoride changes the structure of developing enamel and make it more resistant to acid attack which causes tooth decay.So that Fluoride is important to young children.

Once teeth erupt then it helps in remineralization of teeth. outer layer of teeth is containing calcium and phosphate. saliva also contain calcium and phosphate. When we eat sweet foods that time bacteria start feasting on carbohydrate in these foods and release acids . when acid start attack on tooth then tooth start leaching out of calcium and phosphate, it is called demineralization of teeth. Naturally demineralization and remineralisation process is continued in our mouth. Saliva starts remineralisation of tooth it starts adding calcium and phosphate back on teeth. If fluoride is available in saliva then your teeth are able to take it also. Fluoride combines with calcium and phosphate and make fluorapatite crystal which is more stronger than calcium and phosphate. It is more resistant to acid attack and prevents tooth decay and reverse the initial stage of caries.

You can get fluoride from

-drinking fluoridated water
-fluoridated tooth paste, mouth wash

If dentist diagnose that your child needs more fluoride then dentist may give your child extra amount of fluoride in the form of :
-topical application of fluoride gel or varnish to the tooth surfaces.
-fluoride tablets.

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